Finding Adam and his EdPsyched program was truly a blessing for our son’s tutoring needs. Upon meeting with us and our son, he listened and discussed what my child’s learning style was and was able to match us with one of his many qualified mentors best suited for my son’s needs. The program is tailored to the child’s particular issues and can help in most areas of study. They are professional, punctual and truly aspire to have each child reach their individual learning potential.”

Mary P.

Our son had an EdPsyched mentor in 8th grade who changed his life. The mentor met with our son twice weekly to work on study skills, test taking strategies, time management and stress relievers. The mentor developed a genuine, strong relationship with our son that improved his self confidence and doubled his motivation. I would recommend EdPsyched for anyone needing a bit of extra support and guidance through the middle school years!”

Sally W.

My son and his mentor work very well together and he is benefiting from her guidance and approach. I am grateful we’ll have her support to get the new school year started with organizational strategies and focus on math concepts. Her knowledge and interest in motivation is definitely an added benefit for my son to explore. We appreciate what you do!”

Jennifer P.

“EdPsyched has been a godsend for our family. Our son’s study skills and grades improved, and his confidence in school rose accordingly. But perhaps best of all was the improvement in the relationship between me and my son. Since I no longer had to be the homework nag, I could go back to simply being Mom! I am beyond grateful for the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that has returned in our home.”

Kristin A.

I really don’t believe we could be where we are today without Adam’s knowledge and expertise and sensitivity to our son’s challenges. His mentors truly cared about our son’s success and were instrumental in getting him through his academic challenges. We are happy to report he is entering his senior year on schedule and actively looking forward to the college application process. It can be a really tough world out there for children with anxiety issues and Adam and his team made the difference.”

Drew T.

“Adam and the EdPsyched tutors have been a tremendous help to both of our daughters. From simple organizational and time management skills to assistance with complex subjects, our girls have shown improvement in each classroom. The tutors are wonderful with them and keep us up to date on their progress so we can all work together with helping our kids achieve to the levels we know they can reach.”

Mark G.

“My son struggled with several learning disabilities, and I wanted a tutor who would understand my child’s learning differences. Adam took the time to read the test results from the neurologist. He understood the testing and was able to apply the information to the tutoring sessions. He was patient and very professional. The whole EdPsyched team played a crucial role in the academic success of both my children. I would highly recommend his company.”

Hillary H.

“My daughter is settling into college very well.  Her success now and in the future is directly related to EdPsyched’s services and mentors.  Thank you so much for everything!”

Marla S.

“We found Dr. Creasy to be very professional and yet still made our daughter feel very comfortable with the entire testing process.  I especially liked the pre-testing interview that helped to rule out unnecessary tests and pinpoint the main areas of concern.  Scheduling was very flexible and results were thorough and timely.  Definitely recommend!”

Dianne M.