Understanding an IEP

IEP Basics An IEP, or Individualized Education Plan, may be an important piece for students diagnosed with a learning disability. This post is to help you determine if you should explore setting up an IEP for your student. Below are some common questions regarding IEPs. What is an IEP? An IEP is a comprehensive education plan for students diagnosed with a specific disability. IEP’s are required by law under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The IEP may provide classroom modifications for your student based on his or her diagnosed disability. An IEP will contain: A description of the [...]

5 Benefits of Family Meal Time

Guest Post Today we are learning about the important of nutrition and family meal time.  Since I grew up in a free-for-all dinner environment, I thought I'd turn this subject over to my wife, Lauren, who is the expert in our house.  Bon Appetit! Dinner time ruined my childhood. Each night I tried to watch The Simpsons. Each night as the theme song opened up and Bart skated across the screen, my dad came to get me for dinner. Then for dinner, he had the nerve to serve something like salmon, roasted potatoes and salad. SALAD! All I wanted were [...]

5 Fun and Productive Summer Activities

Summer is a great time to get away from school and give your brain a much-deserved break. I wholeheartedly believe that students need to step back from the school year and just unwind. However, taking 3 months to play video games and hang out at the pool is not always the best idea. Students should use some of that time to explore different activities to enhance their learning skills or personal resume. Here are 5 activities that will allow your student to have a fun yet productive summer break. 1) Community Service Many schools, especially private schools, require students to [...]

Does My Child have a Learning Disability?

Does My Child Have a Learning Disability? Although the term “learning disability” sounds quite scary, the reality is that millions of students in America are diagnosed with some form of it. Sometimes even the best student in school has a diagnosed learning disability. So how do you know if your child has one? First we must understand exactly what a learning disability is. It can be summed up as: A significant difference between a student’s expected achievement level and his actual performance. So what does that mean? Let’s look at the different types of learning disabilities. Common Types of Learning [...]

3 Qualities to Look for when Selecting a Tutor

3 Qualities to Look for when Selecting a Tutor Anyone can call him or herself a tutor, so finding a good one can be difficult. You don’t want to trust your student’s academics to just anyone. Personality, academic competence, and reliability are all essential. When looking for a tutor for your student you want to look for these 3 qualities and ask the appropriate questions to determine whether the tutor is a good match. Education Background Tutors do not necessarily need to be experts in the subjects they tutor. I have worked with numerous students in math and science even though [...]

10 Books for Spring Break

10 Books for Spring Break Spring Break is the perfect time to pick up a book for pleasure. Whether you are flying somewhere, driving somewhere, or just staying at home, you’ll have plenty of time to finish one of these. I tried to select a balanced list of fiction/non-fiction, but I think they all tell great stories and are relatively quick reads.  I tend to like adventurous novels, page-turning true stories, and stories that blend nostalgia with a reminder of a simpler time.  Hopefully you find them as enjoyable as I did! Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand I can’t imagine someone suffering more. But [...]

Strategies for Any Learning Difficulty

Strategies for Learning Difficulties Learning difficulties come in many forms. Some students struggle with reading and writing while others have difficulty with math concepts and numerical operations. Still other students may suffer from attention issues, auditory processing, and numerous other educational impacting difficulties. Although the following strategies are identified for specific diagnosed learning difficulties, any student can implement them to help overcome struggles they may have. ADHD – I can’t stay focused! Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can make paying attention in class and sitting for long periods to do homework very difficult. Students diagnosed with ADHD will benefit from breaking [...]

Extracurricular Activities

Benefits of Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular activities are a wonderful addition to a student’s life. Sports, theater, year book, journalism, and numerous other activities provide students with an outlet in school for creativity, energy, and self-exploration. These activities can provide physical, social and academic benefits, some of which are outlined below. Meeting new friends Joining a sports team, participating in the school play, or playing in the school band all foster a sense of camaraderie. These activities can be especially helpful for new students or students who are transitioning to a new school. And students who step outside of their comfort [...]

5 Steps for Final Exam Prep

5 Steps to Prepare for Final Exams December has arrived and that means cold weather, winter break and for most students, final exams. Even though exams are still a couple of weeks away, it’s never too early to start planning. The following steps will help you get organized and maximize your efficiency. 1.  Consolidate Papers Hopefully you have gotten into the habit of cleaning out your backpack, throwing away unnecessary papers and filing important ones. If not, now is the time to tackle that mess. Start by putting all you papers into one pile. Then separate them by subject, putting [...]

College Application Timeline

College Application Timeline Applying to college can be a daunting process. Not only are the applications expensive, but each one has its own requirements and deadlines. Before you start narrowing down your list of potential colleges, you should familiarize yourself with the college application process. The following year-by-year guideline can help make this process smoother and give you a leg up. Freshmen Amazingly the college application process can start as early as a student’s freshman year. Although I personally think this is too early, there are a few things to consider: Grades - get the best grades possible! GPA gives colleges [...]

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