3 Essential Study Skills

3 Essential Study Skills For students with ADHD, ADD, or other learning disabilities, effective study skills can help them overcome their difficulties without the aid of medication. The following 3 study skills are essential for students to maximize their potential in the classroom. 1.  Note-taking Developing solid note-taking skills helps students learn, retain and recall information presented in class. Students can use these steps to strengthen their note-taking skills: Do not try to write down everything the teacher says. Listen for words or concepts that are unfamiliar and write those down. Listen for long pauses in the teacher’s lecture and [...]


Understanding ADD and ADHD What’s the difference between ADD and ADHD? This is a question that I often get from parents and students, particularly those who have been recently diagnosed.  The simple answer, I tell them, is the "H". Let’s take a closer look. ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder ADD is characterized primarily by the inability to sustain attention. Often times a student with ADD will exhibit satisfactory attention but only in short spurts.  Sitting in class or working on long assignments often prove very difficult for students with ADD.  Signs that a student may have ADD are: trouble taking [...]

Conquer the College Essay

Conquer the College Essay When it comes time to apply for college, there are many parts to the application process. Today I want to focus on one major component, the College Essay. Writing the essay might seem a daunting task, but follow these guidelines, and you can give yourself a leg up in the admissions process. What is a College Essay? The College Essay is sometimes called a personal statement. It is your opportunity to tell the admissions committee about yourself and make a compelling statement for why you are a good fit for their college. It is often the [...]

5 Steps to an Organized Backpack

5 Steps to an Organized Backpack Is your child’s backpack a mess? Have you ever asked him to pull out his homework only to have him pull out a handful of crumpled papers? If so, your child may need a backpack overhaul. Messy backpacks are usually a sign of a larger organizational problem. While fixing the backpack won’t solve all organizational issues, it can help your child begin to see and understand the necessity of effective organization. Follow these steps to clean up and maintain a good backpack. Step 1: Size the backpack A good backpack should be an appropriate [...]

Tutoring vs. Mentoring

Students diagnosed with ADHD, ADD or other learning disabilities often times face obstacles that put them at a disadvantage in the classroom. Focusing in class, comprehending the material, and remembering to turn in assignments can become difficult and sometimes stressful tasks. Medication can help but does not solve these problems on its own. Fortunately students can get help to enhance their learning skills and overcome their difficulties. So what kind of support is best for your child? We will look at the pros and cons of the two main types: tutoring and academic mentoring. Tutoring Tutoring is subject-specific and aimed [...]

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