Reading Comprehension

IQ Part 1: Verbal Comprehension

In my last post, I discussed in general terms how IQ is calculated.  When broken down, the overall IQ is comprised of various cognitive aspects we all possess.  Today I want to examine Verbal Comprehension, its make up, and how it impacts the overall IQ. For purposes of my post, I will discuss Verbal Comprehension as a component of the WISC-V.  The WISC-V is the main cognitive assessment I give to most of my patients, and it is geared towards kids (ages 6-16) rather than adults.  However, the WAIS-IV (used to assess adults) also contains a Verbal Comprehension component that [...]

Effective Strategies for All 9th Graders

  Now that school is officially underway and we have a couple of weeks of classes under our belts, it’s time for reality to set it. The thrill of coming back to school has likely faded. Now the work begins! As a high school counselor, one of my primary roles is to help students navigate their four years of high school and set them up for success afterwards. For freshmen just starting this journey it is important to get off to a good start. Time goes by incredibly fast, and the choices freshmen make definitely have an impact of their [...]

10 Books for Summer Vacation

Summer is a time to kick back and unwind, a time to let the brain rest and prepare for another 9 months of hard work during the school year. However, I do think students benefit from some form of mental activity over the summer to keep them engaged. Reading is my favorite thing to do over summer, and it’s a great way for students to keep their brains sharp but still get away from required school work. Whether on an airplane, by the pool, or on a road trip, a book provides great distraction and helps build students’ vocabularies and [...]

The Best Books for Social/Emotional Learning are . . .

Social/emotional learning has become a hot topic in the counseling world. This particular task involves the process by which children acquire the skills necessary to interact with others appropriately. The rise in diagnoses of autism and other developmental disabilities that hinder social/emotional development has finally pushed schools to devote resources to helping students develop these skills. Today’s guest post comes from my friend and colleague Jenny Carter. Jenny holds her Master’s in Professional Counseling and recently completed her third year as an elementary school counselor. I don’t know anyone quite as passionate about life as Jenny, and I am thrilled [...]

5 Fun and Productive Summer Activities

Summer is a great time to get away from school and give your brain a much-deserved break. I wholeheartedly believe that students need to step back from the school year and just unwind. However, taking 3 months to play video games and hang out at the pool is not always the best idea. Students should use some of that time to explore different activities to enhance their learning skills or personal resume. Here are 5 activities that will allow your student to have a fun yet productive summer break. 1) Community Service Many schools, especially private schools, require students to [...]

Does My Child have a Learning Disability?

Does My Child Have a Learning Disability? Although the term “learning disability” sounds quite scary, the reality is that millions of students in America are diagnosed with some form of it. Sometimes even the best student in school has a diagnosed learning disability. So how do you know if your child has one? First we must understand exactly what a learning disability is. It can be summed up as: A significant difference between a student’s expected achievement level and his actual performance. So what does that mean? Let’s look at the different types of learning disabilities. Common Types of Learning [...]

10 Books for Spring Break

10 Books for Spring Break Spring Break is the perfect time to pick up a book for pleasure. Whether you are flying somewhere, driving somewhere, or just staying at home, you’ll have plenty of time to finish one of these. I tried to select a balanced list of fiction/non-fiction, but I think they all tell great stories and are relatively quick reads.  I tend to like adventurous novels, page-turning true stories, and stories that blend nostalgia with a reminder of a simpler time.  Hopefully you find them as enjoyable as I did! Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand I can’t imagine someone suffering more. But [...]

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