The Best Subject to Review This Summer is…

  With record high temperatures for this time of year in Austin already occurring, it’s clear that summer is just around the corner.  Final exams are underway, and pretty soon students will be free for the summer.  While it’s important for students to take a mental break after a grueling 9-month academic tour de force, it’s also beneficial for students to continue developing their academic skills over the summer. The balance between doing too much and doing nothing over the summer can be tricky.  Trying to fit academic activities in along with summer camps, vacations, community service, and just plain-old [...]

Back to School Tips for Parents

Wow, how is it already the end of July?! Summer sure does fly by fast. Hopefully your child has kept busy with some good summer activities that let him enjoy some time off but also keep his mind and body sharp. For those of us living in Texas, the school year seems to start much earlier than other places. Usually by mid-August students are preparing for their first day back. Today I want to talk to you, parents, about what you can do now to help ensure a smooth first day back for your student and set him up for [...]

Why You Should Take AP Classes Next Year

Advanced Placement, or “AP”, courses have been around for many years. Originally introduced in the 1950s to offer high school students a chance to earn college credit, College Board, which runs the AP exams, now offers 35 courses at the AP level, with a few more in development for the coming years. AP courses are intended to prepare student to take the AP exam at the end of the year. These courses hold students to the same academic standards they would find in courses at colleges and universities. In fact, College Board has published their own research indicating that students [...]

How to Interpret PSAT Results

If your student is in 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade, then he or she likely took the PSAT exam this past October. While the PSAT has been a mainstay for high school students, interpreting the scores can be challenging. College Board has made sweeping changes to both the SAT and PSAT, so understanding your student’s score report may be more difficult than in the past. This post is an attempt to help you understand the new changes. The New PSAT In an effort to make the PSAT more meaningful, College Board is now offering different tests for 8th/9th graders [...]

10 Steps To Ace Final Exams

How to Ace Final Exams  For most students final exams are right around the corner. While most of us think of finals as the most stressful part of the school year, I like to think of it as the best opportunity of the school year. Typically final exams represent anywhere from 15-25% of your total grade for the semester. That means you can significantly increase your final grade with a strong performance on your final exam. So how can you ensure success on these test? Let’s look at some strategies to help you ace your finals. 1.  Keep it in [...]

3 Qualities to Look for when Selecting a Tutor

3 Qualities to Look for when Selecting a Tutor Anyone can call him or herself a tutor, so finding a good one can be difficult. You don’t want to trust your student’s academics to just anyone. Personality, academic competence, and reliability are all essential. When looking for a tutor for your student you want to look for these 3 qualities and ask the appropriate questions to determine whether the tutor is a good match. Education Background Tutors do not necessarily need to be experts in the subjects they tutor. I have worked with numerous students in math and science even though [...]

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