Any student can boost his or her academic achievement by developing and fine tuning learning skills.

While EdPsyched can help virtually any student become more successful,we specialize in working with students with particular learning difficulties, such as:

ADHD and Learning Disabilities

As many as 25% of students have some form of a learning disability or ADHD. Traditional learning methods do not work for theses students as they require much greater attention to motivation and organizational skills. Our mentors’ background in counseling and assessment gives them unique insight into these difficulties. Understanding the learning process from this point of view allows mentors to develop creative techniques for these particular students to use.


Homeschooled students face unique challenges. Texas law allows for a flexible homeschool curriculum, but such flexibility often hinders learning skills development, particularly time management and note taking. Our mentors work hand-in-hand with homeschool parents to help students achieve both personal and academic success. We can assist with curriculum development, student’s daily work, extracurricular activities, and overall organization.

Social Emotional Learning

The goal of any SEL program is to help students develop appropriate emotional functioning in order to enhance their social relationships. Students who struggle with social and emotional learning often times face challenges in school that range from academic to social. Many of our mentors specialize in emotional development and can help students develop social and emotional skills to optimize their behavior and achievement in the school setting.

College Bound

The application process can be daunting. There are numerous choices when it comes to college, and our mentors can help. We cover everything including determining which colleges to apply, when and how to apply, SAT and ACT preparation, college essay writing, application assistance, monitoring deadlines, and scholarship research. Our mentors have successfully navigated this process many times, and they have the knowledge to help you through.