EdPsyched is finally my full-time business! After 7 years working as an academic counselor for the University of Texas football team, I decided it was time to devote all my attention to this business. I handed in my resignation in July, 2014.

When I started EdPsyched as a part-time side business in 2008, I began working with only one family. Very quickly that led to another family. And then another. Pretty soon I was working nearly 2 full-time jobs!

I knew that I could not keep up with the demands of working full-time at UT and mentoring students in the evenings. Fortunately I had many friends and colleagues in the Educational Psychology department at UT. I was able to connect with some bright, energetic graduate students with passions similar to mine.

The first few mentors I employed were excellent in every way. Not only did they understand learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia, but they also had great personalities. They were the types of people who could relate to parents and students equally. It was a perfect group of mentors.

Over the years I have seen many mentors come and go. I have learned a great deal in working with all of them, particularly what works well and what doesn’t. The greatest strength of our company is the relationships the mentors build with their students. This is the backbone of our service and the top quality I look for in a potential mentor.

Now that I have the time to focus on EdPsyched full-time, there are a few new services that we will offer. In addition to academic mentoring and subject-specific tutoring, we will help students with the entire college admissions process. We can help students identify potential colleges, prepare for the SAT, write college essays, and fill out the entire application packet.

In addition I now have the time to pursue my interests in diagnostic assessment. As a Licensed Psychological Associate, I can provide a full-range of psychological services such as testing for ADD, ADHD, and other learning disabilities under the guidance of Dr. Tim Zeddies.

The intent of this blog is to provide parents and students some useful information on learning difficulties and study skill development and to remain engaged in the Austin educational community. I hope to post regularly, so check back often! Your comments and feedback are always welcome as we look for ways to improve our services.